Hotel Guest Rooms

Superior hotel guest room cleaning is the corner-stone of our commitment to customer-focused service delivery. Your guest rooms are the essential component of ensuring an exceptional experience for your customers. Active Hospitality’s extensive Quality Assurance Program and specially trained housekeeping teams will ensure a first-class standard for your hotel guests.

Public Area Services

Your hotels public areas project your customers’ first impressions of your business. It is important to maintain a high standard of professional cleaning and maintenance in this area. Lobby’s, reception areas, dining areas, public toilets and conference spaces can all be covered by our professional teams.

Housekeeping Management

Outsourcing your housekeeping management duties has a number of clear advantages. First and foremost is the reduced cost invoked by your business by letting Active Hospitality take care of the details of running and managing housekeeping staff. There are always opportunities to work with your business to find savings in areas like payroll overheads, staff recruiting and training. There are significant savings to be found that Active Hospitality can maximize for you.

The Active Hospitality Recruitment Process

We at Active Hospitality take our staff training very seriously. We maintain a very high standard for all our team members. We believe that training is the key to enhancing individual and team performance to not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Successful applicants have gone through a thorough screening, induction and training process. Our training facilities are owned and operated by Active Hospitality which gives us an edge in maintaining a fully professional work-force.

And this is a work-force which is available to you as our valued customer.

So please call on 02 8628 7945 for more information or go to our Contact Us page and send us a message.